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Gerber Taurus XD Machinery

Informação básica

Modelo: Taurus XD

Descrição do produto

Especificações A única solução para todas as suas necessidades de corte de couro. \ n \ n
                                             Specification Taurus XD
Two-station, static cutting table Key Features  Cutting area per station: 2.74 x
- Long-lasting, plastic cutting surface PC-based software in Windows® environment 3.20 m (9 x 10.5 ft)
- Dual high-flow vacuum generators Ability to import data from many Table height: 0.82 to 0.85 m (32.5
High speed cutting beam data types including NC, DXF, to 33.5 in)
Cutting head with four tool holders AAMA-DXF, IGES
and one ink pen "Zero-Buffer" cutting PC and Operating System
Color hide scanning for hide perimeter
Intel or AMD processors
and flaw capture Capability to cut leather, cloth, vinyl, Windows XP Profession
PC for cutting control foam and carpet
PC for nesting Color hide scanning with resolution Power

of 0.5 mm 60 Hz vacuum blowers (2)
Vacuum System Database to record production statistics - 208-230 VAC at 25.6-23.4 amps (3 phase per blower)
Dual 7.5KW (10 hp) vacuum blowers for every hide cut - 460 VAC at 11.7 amps (3 phase per blower)
installed for maximum material Available with automatic and manual 50 Hz vacuum blowers (2)
hold-down nesting solutions - 190-220 VAC at 29-26 amps (3 phase per blower)
Maximum Cutting Speed Durable and easily installed cutting - 380-415 VAC at 14.5-13.3 amps (3 phase per blower)
1.27 m/sec (50 in/sec) surface

AC brushless servos Drive system
Maximum Cutting Acceleration System Dimensions & Requirements - 220 VAC at 15 amps (1 phase)
10.16 m/sec2 (400 in/sec2) Dimensions

Machine: 2.74 x 7.31 m (9 x 24 ft)

Footprint: 3.6 x 7.31 m (11.8 x 24 ft)

Grupo de Produto : Máquinas de corte industrial

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